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Note: The article is about a faction that no longer exists.

Apex Tactical Contractors was a villains group once lead by the strongest of villains. It was disbanded due to a lack of active members during the Faction Reforms.


Originally founded by Kael'Thas Sunstrider as the Sin'dorei Council, the sole purpose of the group was to advance his goals; Mephistopheles took control. The faction was disbanded during the Shy Guy faction registration from a lack of members.

Multiverse Involvement[]

The Apex, lead by Mephistopheles, has been involved in two major invasions of Hyrule. The first time, Meph fought Ganondorf one on one, and got a handful of new members, such as Metal Sonic and HK-47. The second time, Mephistopheles brought an invasion force to Hyrule, which consisted of large generic demon armies, Tabitha, Bass.EXE, and Kurodo Akabane. Unfortunately, the force was countered by the firepower of three factions (The Lords of Midnight, Noblesse Oblige, and The Forgotten Hunters) and the latter two members of his main force disappeared in the middle of the fight. It didn't end well.

Some members were also involved in the Infected Arc, such as Mephistopheles, who helped out Vent and Typhlosion with Station Square, and was going to attempt to take both of them out for control of the territory until he fell victim to one of the Infected general's bite and killed himself. Others involved were Metal Sonic, who was infected and then terminated by SA-X, and Akabane, who helped Tails and B.B Hood in Mystic Ruins.

After the disastrous end of the Hyrule Battle, a meeting is now being held within the Tempest Keep's halls, apparently behind the archdevil's back, and organized and headed by Metal Sonic. The subject is, naturally, what steps to take regarding the Lord's and Oblige's joint hatred towards them and the possibility of facing both in a more defensive situation.

Due to the Faction Reforms, Apex has been stripped of its status as a Faction, it's members thrown to the winds. Supposedly this will lessen Mephistopheles' threat to the Multiverse, but that remains to be seen.


The members of Apex Tactical Contractors are of varied talents; science, magic, and warfare both modern and archaic are all represented at Tempest Keep. It would be safe to say that each member has his or her own goals, but the goals of the faction as a whole seem to be as follows:







  • Shelke- (Switched)