Celestial Refresh Wiki
Name Agility
Type Status
EP Cost 8

The targets speed increases, granting them a free 1/4 dodge against incoming attacks for x turns as long as they use DP to partially dodge the attack. This does not stack with [Flying]. Must wait a full turn before reapplying it to a target.

On Techniques[]

[Agility (X)] is a Status, and as such requires one effect slot to have a stack of it on a technique. Each X costs 8 EP, if added in that way.

Training Grounds Prices[]

Adding [Agility (1)] to a tech costs 3 upgrades, as well as:

  • 320c if the tech costs EP
  • 480c if the tech costs no EP

Increasing the effectiveness of an existing [Agility] effect by 1 costs 3 upgrades, as well as:

  • 160c if the tech costs EP
  • 240c if the tech costs no EP

On Abilities[]

The following abilities involve [Agility]. Check the Abilities chapter for details.

  • May add [Agility 1] to a technique for 8 EP once per round (2 Effect Slots)

On Equipment[]

The following equipment effects involve [Agility].

  • Add [Agility (1)] to a technique for 8 EP once per round. {200c}
  • [Element] attacks inflict [Agility 1] {640c} (8 Effect Slots)

The Affinity Shop for [Agility] is Mucky Shop.

Additional Rulings[]

  • [Agility] basically increases the effectiveness of a character's dodges by 1/4, but only if they dodge. So, a 1/4 dodge turns into a 2/4 dodge, but a 0/4 dodge does not turn into a 1/4 dodge.
  • While [Agility] does not stack with a character's own Flying effect, it does stack with their opponent's. If the opponent is Flying while they are not, a 1/4 dodge would turn into a 3/4 dodge (unless the opponent had Alternate Firing Mode). [Agility] does not apply to the free 1/4 dodge granted in this case -- if they don't spend any DP, they'll only 1/4 dodge.