Celestial Refresh Wiki

Affinity Shops[]


An affinity shop is a store which sells equipment that specialized with a particular element and status-effect. Regardless of the element and/or status, all of the items for sale follow the same template.

When buying an item, first state what equipment slot it takes up, chosen from this list: [All Except {Badge} and {Quick Slot}]. You may then make up to 1 selection per level on the effects list below.

Items Template[]

Item Min. Cost * Notes
Add [Status] to an attack for {Status's Cost} EP. 60 Usable once per round.
[1/4] Resist to [Status] 50 Max of 3
Resist [Status] 1 50
Immunity to [Status] 200 Only one immunity allowed per odd battle level
[Element] techniques inflicts [Status]. 80 Usable once per round.
  • Note: Costs vary, see individual store for details

Elemental / Status Affinity Locations[]

Ring World Shop Name Element Status
Terra Infected Earth BSSA Surplus Bio Hamper
Terra Patriot Earth Guns of the Patriots Energy Lull
Terra The Wasteland Mick and Ralph's Piercing Soften
Inner Faerun Shady Alley Blunt Dispel
Inner Faerun The Coldest Blade Cold Despair
Inner Hylia Shadow Shop Dark Break {Type}
Inner Hylia Mask Shop Space Silence
Inner Hylia Goron Smith Slashing Wound
Inner Hylia Sea Side Lab Bio Push / Pull
Inner Mundis Crystallis - FFI Gaia Magic Shop Any Enhance [Element]
Inner Sanctuary Caldeum Market Mental Charm
Middle Castle Oblivion Garden Requisitions Spirit Barrier
Middle Daybreak Beach Moogle Shop Light Strengthen {Type}
Middle Ivalice - FFXII Wandering Smith Mental Migraine
Middle Mushroom World Hell's Forge Fire Burn
Middle Mushroom World Safari Souviers Earth Decay
Middle Mushroom World Mucky Shop Water Hinder / Agility
Middle Pokemon World Poke Mart Blunt Confound
Middle Traverse Town Safe Haven Spirit Ability Scramble
Middle Twilight Town Accessory Shop Spirit Headache
Outer Mobius Echinda Apparel Wind Hinder
Outer Radiant Garden Duck Sales Light Silence
Outer Station Square Research Bay Lightning Protect {Type}
Outer Station Square GUN Surplus Store Piercing Weaken {Type}
Outer Gaia - FFVII Recettear Piercing/Slashing Vampiric Healing
Space Coruscant Coruscant Bazaar Energy Paralyze
Space Ingresso Ingresso's Finest Energy Ability Jam
Space Pirate's Scar Locked Armory Non-element Slow